Matej Peljhan

Self-disclosures (2015 - 2016)

Relations (2011)

The Little Prince (2013)

Metamorphoses (2012 - 2015)

War and Peace (2014 - 2015)

Stories I (2009 - )

Stories II (2009 - )

Views I (2009 - )

Views II (2009 - )

COVID-19 (2020)


The collection of single photographs Stories I, which I have been composing and completing since the beginning of my photographic path, consists of black and white photos only. In these photos I portray life and people in different situations, which means the selection of photographic themes and motives is very wide. I am interested in people of all age groups, doing different chores, involved in different interpersonal interactions and connected to the environment in which they live. I believe that the passing moments as flashes of life, caught on camera, give my photos straightforwardness, authenticity, and simplicity. I hope that the observer can decipher their message at first glance and then later keep discovering new layers of meaning, interpretations and feelings. To make the story sharper I use the black and white technique, which stresses the visual contrasts and makes the story clearer.

By often dealing with existential themes and tales from the world of difference, these photographs carry obvious signs of social engagement, but they are not meant to be pathetic or pretentious. My own experience with handicap often contributes to a humorous and even ironic accentuation of certain themes.